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Deer Valley/Solitude, Vail/Park City Mountain Resort. What does it all mean?

Now that Deer Valley will own Solitude, does a ski lift/gondola connection from Big Cottonwood Canyon to Deer Valley, instead of Park City Mountain Resort to Deer Valley, make more sense?
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– Will my property value greatly improve with Vail’s acquisition of PCMR?
– Are Lift Lines on the horizon?
– How Epic are they?
– Where does the lift ticket sale tax money go?
Popular opinion began with “Somebody Moved My Cheese” to “thank goodness the uncertainty is over”, and then “good luck to Vail going forward”. Now, most feel that having the largest ski resort in America in our back yard will, of course, attract additional visitors. More visitors translates to increased national and international attention; which at the end of the day is always healthy and important for a tourist based economy.

Interestingly enough, opinions about the real estate market and its values are split almost evenly across the business community regarding Vail’s acquisition. Our opinion? ……….
With the Treasure Hill project at PCMR/Vail, the proposed Gondola from Old Town to Deer Valley, The Mayflower Project at The Jordanelle, and now Deer Valley/Solitude it certainly will be an interesting next few years. KCCO 😉

According to the Park Record’s Mile Post 2014, the number of houses and condos for sale at the end of the second quarter of this year, when compared to last year, is about the same. (Generally, we agree; however it is safe to say that the number of homes and condos for sale under $1M are a whole lot less than 2013). These stats were published prior to the Vail announcement.

The Post went on to say ……
• The numbers of transactions are up 8%
• The Average Sale Price is up 9.3%
• Total Sold Volume is up 20.3%

As Park City’s exclusive Christie’s affiliate we invite you to take a tour thru ‘Beautiful Homes and Enriching Environments’ from Montreux, Switzerland to Atherton, California. Begin the journey at Christie’s Newsletter Issue 31

Directly across from the entrance to Ranch Place on the Park City entry corridor is the restoration of the previously historic and significant 1938 Hixon Farm. Now renewed, refreshed, and re-branded, check out www.BillWhiteFarms.com. According to their brochure “Bill White Farms plan to expand the agricultural use of the farm to reflect the trend towards locally grown food. The new facility will also be used for cooking classes, food harvesting and a gathering place where people of all ages can experience traditional organic culture.”