Updates you need to know August 18, 2010

Lower Home Prices Spur Sales

Our Real Estate Market, slowly improving, continues to chug along with, as in the past, the best properties selling first.  Our definition of best is either price, design, or location. 

For the most recent Jess Reid Real  MARKET OVERVIEW July 2010 , use the link. It is always comprehensive and is authored by the great man himself; a must read for anyone interested in Park City/Deer Valley Real Estate

Another terrific information resource regarding the market is www.parkcityhousingfacts.com.  We particularly enjoyed two articles …..”Real Estate Prices Continue to Thaw” and “Lower Home Prices Spur Sales”.

Our e blast wouldn’t be complete with out the August and September calendar of events in Park City found at www.parkrecordsummerguide.com.

We do hope you enjoy these monthly updates and If you would like a little more statistical detail and on your community of choice please do let us know.

If you would like addition information on upcoming Real Estate Auctions then we’d like to hear from you as well.