Statistics April 28, 2010

Buyers are No Longer Waiting

“Buyers are No Longer Waiting” was a headline of an article posted in the most recent Park Record; after the Park City Board of Realtors® released their 2010 first quarter statistics. What is most compelling about these figures are the 244 sales in the Park City markets that we track. Those sales are a substantial increase of 132% up compared to the first quarter of 2009*. To view this chart and others visit our previouse post; and we would love to hear your comments.

Another great resource is featuring the above news article in its entirety, along with numerous facts as to why we enjoy all things Park City.

Whether you enjoy spring time at home or in the park, we always look forward to hearing from you.

*Any statistical discrepancies in the reporting of sales data is simply the individual towns, within our service areas, chosen by the reporter to weigh in on.  If you would like a specific analysis of your area, neighborhood, or town, then please let us know.