Early Postings February 16, 2010

The Montage at Deer Valley

We thought you’d like to know The Montage in Empire Pass has released their initial 15 residences and special introductory pricing.

The Montage is offering an early ownership program entitle First Tracks.  The First Tracks Program includes two years of Deer Valley Resort ski passes, access to The Talisker Club, and an all expense-paid stay at The Montage in Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach. More importantly the first 15 Montage buyers will enjoy a 20% discount on the initial 15 posted prices.

The Residences sizes range from 1,200 to 4,300 sq. ft and initial pricing is $2M to $7M dollars US.

If you have additional interest in the Montage and would like their CD and/or floor plans and promotion brochure please do let us know. Of course if you have immediate questions a quick call or e mail is always most welcome.

Tom Walsh, tominpc@comcast.net 435-647-3211